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It is norm for people to associate Ergonomics with a chair, while in industrial setting it is associate to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). However, we want to tell the world that Ergonomics is more than just a chair and MSDs. Have you watched the movies Titanic? Chernobyl? Bhopal: A prayer for rain? The China Syndrome: Three Mile Island? From expert point of view, all these incidents somehow relate to Ergonomics, especially on the Safety and Health issues.

However, Ergonomics is not only about Safety and Health, it is also  about user performance and experiences. Have you ever faced a problem while using a product or completing a task that is hard to understand? Don’t worry, it is not your fault, it’s the design error!! When it comes to product/system design, Human Factors Engineering can optimize the interaction between the user and the product/system which eventually will increase productivity and reduce cost.

We define Ergonomics as a branch of science that is concerns with the understanding of humans’ abilities, limitations and characteristics that are relevant to design (products, systems and environment) and its interaction for an optimal human well-being, performance and experiences.

We believe Ergonomics can be a value added to your work and organization. Be the change and we are here to assist you in Engineering Ergonomics, Occupational Ergonomics and Organizational Ergonomics.

Our Services

Our services comprise of two focus areas, which are Engineering Ergonomics and Occupational Ergonomics. For Engineering Ergonomics, we cover the element of Human Factors Engineering design, Product/system evaluation, Workplace & facilities design and Research project. Meanwhile, for Occupational Ergonomics we provides Ergonomics training, Ergonomics assessment and Ergonomic programs. Above all, we also provide Ergonomics seminar in Engineering Ergonomics, Occupational Ergonomics and Organizational Ergonomics.

Human Factors Engineering Design

Our team will assist to establish the knowledge-based support for your designer or engineer in the product/system development phases in order to maximize ergonomic features in the design - tools, machine, product, system, task and jobs - for safe, comfortable and effective human use.

Product/System Evaluation

Several evaluation techniques will be apply to analyse the ergonomic features of your product/system. The findings of the evaluation will be a concrete support in addressing the ergonomic features of your product.

Workplace & Facilities Design

We incorporate Human Factors and Ergonomics principles in the design to minimize the risk for work related-illness and optimize workers' performances.

Research & Development

We offer our experts to aid your ergonomics research project – whole project, sub-project or any specific needs such as data collection or data analysis.

Ergonomics Seminar

More than fifteen seminar modules that elaborate different aspect of ergonomics are available to be chosen based on your company needs. You can opt for our ready-made modules or request a specific module that incorporate the case study of your company.

Ergonomics Training

Our training comprise of several hands-on learning on a particular ergonomic guidelines and tools. Your personnel will be train on how to use the guidelines and tools and apply them at your workplace.

Ergonomics Assessment

The assessment consists of three levels: preliminary, intermediate and advance. It will be conducted at your workplace based on your level needs, to obtain the ergonomic prevalence, identify ergonomic issues and risk factors and to recommend potential improvement.

Ergonomic Programs

We can assists you to implement or broaden any Ergonomics-related programs at your workplace. Our programs provide a thorough procedure in which you can start at different phase based on your implementation level.

Our expert team

Our team comprises of Ergonomists, Human Factors specialist, HCI specialist and Engineers with more than fifteen years of experiences in Ergonomics related field. We incorporate Human Factors Ergonomics principles and Engineering design methods to boost productivity, enhance people’s well-being and optimize user experiences for our clients.

Malek Hamid, Ph.D, AEP


Ph.D Industrial Engineering/Ergonomics (USA)

M. Sc. Ergonomics (UK)

B. Sc. Industrial Engineering (USA)

Associate Ergonomics Professional

(BCPE, USA; Cert No.: 2361)

Ibrahim Taib, Ph.D

Human Factors Specialist

Ph.D Safety Science (AUS)

M. Sc. Human Factors (UK)

B. Sc. Biomedical Sciences (MY)

Dian Darina Daruis, Ph.D


Ph.D  Engineering/Ergonomics (MY)

M. Sc. Manufacturing System Engineering (UK)

B. Eng. CAD/CAM (MY)

Ani Liza Asnawi, Ph.D

HCI Specialist

Ph.D Computer Science (UK)

M. Eng. Communication & Computer Engr. (MY)

B. Eng. Computer Engineering (MY)

Norhashimah Shaffiar, Ph.D

Mechanical Engineer

Ph.D Mechanical Engineering (MY)

M. Eng. Mechanical-Adv. Manufacturing Tech. (MY)

B. Eng. Manufacturing Engineering (MY)

Yasir Mustafah, Ph.D

Mechatronics Engineer

Ph.D  Computer Vision (AUS)

B. Eng. Electronic Engineering (UK)

Ammar Adnan, M.Sc

Human Factors Engineer

M. Sc. Engineering (Ergonomics) (MY)

B. Sc. Biomedical Sciences (MY)

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